NBH 027: Renew Your Foundation

This month's theme is “Reset and Rebuild.” Last month we were talking about “When Things Fall Apart” and now we're resetting. We are in a reset mode and rebuilding as we reopen our doors physically or virtually as lawyers, in our businesses and our law firms to clients, letting those connections come back. And today's topic is about renewing your foundation. With any build, we need to start with the foundation and now's a really good time to renew it.

I love the word renew because it has the word “new” in it. Just like the New Billable Hour®; now is the time to make it new. We're rebuilding. We get to start from the ground up. And the foundation of your business, of your law practice, is your “why.” Why do you do business? Why are you a lawyer? Why are you serving the world in this way that you are? Revisiting that from time to time is really important. Of course we get really busy. We forget we might get caught up in some escapade and we forget to revisit our purpose: our mission statement for our law firm, our vision for what we wanted when we started all this, even why we became lawyers, why we went to law school, how we wanted to serve, what did we want out of our lives through the vehicle of practicing law.

Now is the time where we go back to the fundamentals. This could mean just starting from scratch as far as your visioning. If you do have a mission statement for your law firm, take a look at it and do a rework. If you have staff, have a staff meeting and rework that mission statement. If you don't have one, now is the perfect time to sit down and create a mission statement or vision statement for your law firm. You can find many examples and tutorials online about this. The main idea is keeping a short statement that exhibits your values and your intentions for your business. If you work for somebody else, you can also do a mission statement for yourself. If you're an employee, you can decide to have a mission statement for how you practice law, how you serve clients.

By creating this statement and this intention, you will have something to refer back to as we rebuild. As you do things differently, you can look back and see if you're in integrity with your mission, with your purpose, with your intentions. That is the message I have for you today. Renew your foundation, which means your vision. Every foundation needs to have a vision for what is going to come next. Take some time and slow down and really think about your “why.” Then if you need some support, you can reach out to somebody. Otherwise just take some time by yourself or with your staff, and envision. Envision what you want, and maybe that's changed, or maybe you want something more or something less (more simple). That's what you can do. Again, you can reach out to someone (or me) for any guidance.

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