NBH001: Increasing Capacity: The Ultimate Productivity Hack

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In this time, this era of quick fixes, we want to increase our productivity. We want to manage our time through hacks, and through tips. We feel like there’s something that we must know that no one told us, that there is some secret shortcut about how to manage our time better because so-and-so is doing something else. And why do other people seem like they have more time? Other people seem to have everything together.

But what if there wasn’t anything? What if there were no productivity hacks? I started this blog to really talk about a different way we can relate to time. I definitely believe in simplicity, keeping things super simple. I don’t like things to be complicated. I believe in a direct result, a direct route to the result.

I don’t like to meander. I like to work smarter not harder. And I like to work less and get more done. So I’m a big proponent of that and I really like to have more time for what I like to be doing and enough space that I can choose, so that I can prioritize and not feel so limited. I also want to get to places fast.

I want to get to the next thing. I want to complete a project and I want to have greater success, and impact. I want to serve as many people as I can. So in this blog post I want to talk to you about the biggest hack and shortcut that I can possibly teach you – and that’s about increasing your capacity. We’re just switching around the perspective, instead of trying to find something, another thing, to do that will give us more time.

What if we can just increase our capacity for time, for our abilities to produce, our abilities to create, our abilities to focus, to live that life that we want to live as lawyers, and as people. So how do you build your capacity? What is capacity?

What does it even mean to even talk about that? We’re always burning ourselves out by just pushing beyond capacity, and we know what diminished capacity means in the legal sense. Diminished capacity is when we can’t accomplish things, when we don’t have the ability to do things. We might have a disability or for some reason we are not running on all cylinders.

And so we know what that is for our clients, and we know what it is for our colleagues. We know that when we are impaired, we have impaired capacity. What about talking about increasing the capacity? So even if you’re doing okay, and you’ve gotten to this place in your life, there’s always more. There’s always more expansion.

You can find there’s more space. There’s more energy that we can find in who we are by expanding ourselves, and expanding our perspective. The main way to increase capacity is by showing up. I think that most people show up a percentage of who they are. We like to avoid certain things. We like to kind of pretend we don’t care. We like to kind of go through the motions in life.

But what if we showed up and were more intentional with our time? Instead of worrying about not having enough time, what if we really paid attention to the time we had? This is that idea of quality time; we don’t necessarily need more time.

But we want higher quality of time and that expands it. When you are focused, in flow, and spending time doing things that you love and creating impact, time just feels endless. It feels so expensive and we know when we approach things with more negativity, avoidance and obligation the time just feels so empty, right?

It might it might feel like time is never-ending but it’s not really feeling like that. It’s feeling like, “I don’t want to be here right now.” So what if we could switch to be more intentional and wanting to be in the moment we’re in when we’re in it? Because that’s all there is really. That’s what time is – it’s this present moment.

What if we can be in that moment and be more intentional about how we live and how we pay attention to our time? We would change the way we practice law. How would we show up for our clients? How would we show up for opposing counsel? How can we negotiate better? How can we be more creative in finding solutions? How can we better strategize cases and take in information?

I know we spend so much time researching and learning, and then it’s really hard to access that when we’re not really in the present moment. So what if we expanded our capacity and capability by being in the present moment? I know it’s crazy, but we can accomplish so much more if we expand ourselves and who we are. Let’s not shrink away from who we are; and put energy into expanding ourselves and our relationships and our ability to take on more.

It’s a resilience argument. If we can handle more, there will be more time. If we can handle less, then we’re going to get less done. But what if we can handle more and what if more stuff just happens for us? There are more direct routes. There’s more simplicity. There will be more of just actually things happening without you having to put effort. There is less effort – less effort with more impact.

So that’s the idea of increasing capacity.  We can accomplish more than we ever imagined by changing our perspective, changing our relationship to time, changing how we view things.

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